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Bring Critical Retail Performance to Light with FootMetrics

Our solution brings data visualization and key analysis tools within your grasp. Use AI to sort data and focus on what matters the most to you.

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Make Fast and Informed Decisions with FootMetrics

Our solution can help you do more profitable tasks by measuring foot traffic across all your outlets, so your operational leaders can make critical decisions faster and with confidence.

Benchmark your stores with Traffic 2.0

To get key performance metrics in real-time, integrate retail footfall count with your Point of Sale (POS) feeds and spot the latest outliers, trends, and norms.

Performance metrics for Retailers

Customer traffic

Measures every footfall at your retail doorstep as higher foot traffic can lead to higher sales.

Customer conversion rate

Helps you better understand your target audience and increase their lifetime value (CLV).

KPI backed alarm system

Achieve desired KPIs with an integrated alarm system that detects different behaviors.

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In depth Sales Reporting

See key indicators like sales per employee, sales per sq ft, ATV, and year over year growth.

Define target KPI’s

Improve retail performance by defining targets that are core to your business objectives.

Shop level comparisons

Compare the performance of different store locations to draw the right conclusions.

Make your retail smart

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