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Retail Insight Analytics

The retail sector has never been more competitive.
Understand what’s behind every dip or hike in sales within your business.

Footmetrics Analytics Suite for Retailers monitors and accurately analyses in-store customer behaviour, so you can pinpoint areas where profits can be improved.

  • Where can greater sales conversions be driven?
  • What ratio of staff to visitor does it take to achieve the best level of customer service?
  • How can the optimisation of staff workload improve store performance?
  • How do holidays and major events impact shopper traffic?
  • Which marketing campaigns provide the biggest return?

Site Analytics is a cloud based solution.

Using retail technology including traffic counting equipment, we enable retailers to develop a profitable business strategy by answering questions such as:

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Accurately measure and analyse sales, returns and transaction values, visitor to staffing ratios and dwell times to improve store conversion levels.

ShopperTrak can help you unlock actionable insights to optimize your shop floor, for maximum customer engagement and conversion.

With ShopperTrak Analytics Suite for Retail, you can monitor:

  • Conversion rates
  • Number and value of transactions – for both sales and returns
  • Sales performance metrics at either total site or product/category level
  • Visitor to staffing ratios
  • The impact of specific events – planned or otherwise
  • Dwell time in key areas around the store

To gain insights such as:

  • Optimal staff rosters to provide maximum conversion opportunity
  • Best time to restock areas of the store
  • When and where conversion rates can be improved

Keep a tight rein on costs across stores, channels and franchises by benchmarking strategic KPIs for both profitability and performance. 

Understand how insight into sales revenues and both fixed and variable operating costs can profitably influence shopper behaviours; once you’ve identified the root cause of poor or underperforming margins, you can implement corrective measures.

With ShopperTrak Analytics Suite for Retail, you can monitor:

  • Customer numbers
  • Sales conversions
  • Staff to visitor Ratio
  • The impact of costs such as staffing or marketing on store/channel performance
  • Performance of multiple stores on core KPIs

And understand the relationships between them to gain insight such as:

  • Where costs can be confidently reduced without impacting store performance
  • Where costs should be incurred in order to drive store performance and profitability
  • Introducing new footfall KPIs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and campaigns
  • Comparative performance across the store estate and other channels



Running a successful retail operation rests on thousands of micro decisions which, when combined, can have a huge impact on your store’s performance.

Understanding shopper behaviour is crucial to ensuring all your activities are based on profit-driving or cost reducing evidence. You can use this to benchmark performances across several stores – delivered as simple, easy to interpret information.

FootMetrics helps you monitor:

  • Footfall traffic by hour, day, week, month and year
  • Conversion rates
  • Average transaction values
  • Dwell time in key areas around the store
  • Repeat visitors
  • Performance across multiple stores
  • Sales and basket activity

To gain insight into:

  • Where conversion rates can be improved
  • Staff to customer ratio
  • How visitors shop in each store
  • Visitor shopping patterns
  • Impact of variables such as events, weather etc.,
  • Customer loyalty
  • Which stores are over and underperforming

Managing a successful retail portfolio relies on understanding customer behaviours inside and out.

FootMetrics can help you assess key success indicators such as sales growth, conversion rates and customer traffic within multiple stores, so you can leverage retail insight and instigate subsequent action plans across your region.

FootMetrics helps you can monitor:

  • Customer numbers
  • Conversion rates
  • Average transaction values
  • Dwell time in key

To gain insight such as:

  • Shopper trends by region and store format over the year
  • If marketing and promotions are generating ROI
  • Sales performance of core products across your store portfolio


Consumers are prone to changing their mind, so accurate insight is essential to capitalising on trends and avoiding overstocks.

With FootMetrics you can see exactly what’s selling – and what’s not – along with which merchandising displays are generating solid return on investment.

FootMetrics helps you monitor:

  • Visitor dwell times
  • Customer traffic
  • Sales conversions
  • Average transaction values, transactions and returns
  • Visitors by segmentation including demographic, loyalty
  • Performance across multiple stores

To gain insight such as:

  • Volume of potential shoppers in display aisles
  • Flow of visitors past promotional ends
  • Optimum commercialization of promotional space
  • Best location of categories in-store