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Retail Property Analytics

Maximise the value of your business assets.

Maximise the value of your real assets.

FootMetrics helps the retail property sector to create greater understanding of consumer behaviour and identify where return on investment is and is not being generated. FootMetrics can also help in identifying high footfall traffic locations across the country where investments can reap greater returns over investment.

Using intelligent retail technology including footfall traffic counting equipment, we enable retailers to develop a profitable business strategy by answering questions such as:

  • Our retail outlet analysis services use footfall traffic counting technology to address key questions such as:
    • What kind of events increase the probability of our sales?
    • How do factors such as the weather and major regional events impact our footfall?
    • How effective are our campaigns and promotional events?
    • Where can we increase shopper value and visit times?
    • Which retailers are over and/or under-performing?
    • How can we attract more of the right shoppers
    • How can we increase customer value?

    Footmetrics Analytics is a cloud based solution available anytime and anywhere 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Good campaigns and promotions drive visitor traffic.

Footmetrics helps you paint an accurate picture of customer footfall and behavior in relation to marketing activities – with measurable analytics such as counts, dwell-time and activity areas to determine return on investment.

Our solutions can monitor and analyze:

  • The effect of marketing campaigns on your the center and its tenants
  • Behavioral changes as a result of your ongoing marketing strategy, including the impact of specific in-center events
  • Visitor frequency and repeat visitor numbers
  • How long shoppers spend in the center and where they visit
  • How to attract more visitors and increase customer value