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Insights & Analytics

We view your unique needs individually, equipping you with the right data to make profitable changes.

Building a customer-focused business begins with creating a detailed picture of who comes into your store or centre, when and for how long. If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

FootMetrics provides a cloud-based platform that is available to you anytime and anywhere so that you can make better decisions.

FootMetrics Analytics provides actionable business intelligence, based on integrated data taken straight from your retail locations.

FootMetrics helps you better understand customer visit to sales conversions. Our data analytics team can help integrate your Point-of-Sales to customer insights.



The retail sector is becoming competitive day-by-day so it is important to understand the issues behind every dip or hike in sales within your business.

FootMetrics scientifically explores and accurately analyses in-store customer behaviour to help retail businesses identify areas where changes can be made to improve profits.

FootMetrics helps your business outlets aggregate data from any location so you can make sense not only of what is happening within your outlets, but also of why it is happening, within moments. Our customised platform can help you make more informed marketing, operations, staffing and deployment decisions. Our data aggregation services can assist you in:

– Customer Traffic, Conversions, and Sales performance
– Understanding trends using a variety of charts and graphs
– Make available automated reports to your teams that need it

Retail Property


Every retail property owner want’s to maximise the value of their assets. FootMetrics Insights helps create a better understanding of consumer behaviour and identify where return on investment is and is not being generated.

FootMetrics provides insights into visitor behaviours so you can understand when and where shoppers enter, which parts of the store they visit and how long they stay including:

– Which entrance is mostly used
– Which parts of the store customers visit
– Actionable real-time decisions that drive centre performance.