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Who We Are

FOOTMETRICS enhances performance by understanding the integral components of retailing. We understand that measuring and analyzing data is value added to any core operation of a business and we boast the most advanced tracking tools with easy to understand reporting options that help businesses make informed decisions to stay ahead of competition in the market. Using a cross-industry analytics system and years of experience behind us, we make things simple for retailers. We help identify where their strengths lie and where they can strengthen their operations even further.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

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We have connected with retail brands to help them gauge performance at their stores, ascertain growth prospects, identify and execute goal oriented approaches that boost sales and identify opportunities for cost savings.

FOOTMETRICS uses various tools to measure footfall and conversions. Through best-in-class video analytics, Wi-Fi detection of cellphones – as well as Bluetooth, data from systems at point-of-sales among several other sources retailers are notified about engagement within stores. From entering, to roaming to converting, everything is measured and adapted into readable reports that identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Factoring in marketing campaigns and other features gives further insights to retailers of how to manage sales through each product cycle. Retailers are equipped with accurate knowledge of what works and what does not and can easily pivot before it is too late.

How We Got Here

FOOTMETRICS was founded with the vision that recognized challenges faced by retailers of brick and mortar storefronts. With e-commerce revolutionizing the way customers now shop and interact with retail brands, it was imperative to equip retail brands with a system that engaged customers into entering storefronts as well. Business intelligence tools dedicated to in-store analytics can help retailers understand customer psyche as marketing campaigns can be designed around those points which are engaging and crowd pulling.

By understanding the need of retailers, the engineers at FOOTMETRICS designed features that measured all key points and built in reporting tools that were easy to read and understand. By understanding requirements as both, customers as well as retailers, FOOTMETRICS evolved into a an analytics system that identified opportunities and gave retailers the tools for quick and accurate decision making.